You are responsible!!

I attended last week an event at the Bucharest HUB addressing the trends to be expected in Romania in 2013. I must confess I did not have any expectations, however the invitees were interesting people with successful business and social backgrounds, so I said it would be a good time spent there, so I went. It was an event full of inspiration with mixed feelings and opinions, so I believe each of us had the opportunity to take from there exactly what he or she expected, however, it was one idea I loved most and that is that each of us is responsible for him/herself and you are simply not allowed to wait for  things to just happen to you, for someone else to give you, to pamper you and so on.

In this perspective I dare you to be more responsible for yourself and take an active role in your development: make objectives, be more clear about what you want, state your ambitions and start looking for the resources you need and are most suitable for you.

Because I prepared a brochure for companies about other ways to support the development of their employees, I share it with you also in order for you to take it proactively and go to your employer and ask their support in planning your development.

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