passion and money

One week from ZileleBiz I started to skim the magazine’s blog journal articles summarizing the speeches and presentations from each conference day. Into the whirlpool of the event I was attracted by people and their stories and I feel I may have lost the essence of certain presentations, so now I felt the need to reflect, to remember, to learn my lessons. At the same time I remembered an article [Ro] last month in Income Magazine that addressed entrepreneurship in Romania by identifying the minipreneurs, some smaller entrepreneurs who have not yet abandoned their current jobs but are committed to their passions  and started some mini-businesses handled outside working hours. I would like to see an increased number of such small businesses in Romania that would surely add new vitality to the business environment.

I remember a conclusion of a study presented by Adina Vlad at ZieleleBiz, namely four types of entrepreneurs, which I want to point out here also:

the Visionary is the one who anticipates, plans, thinks on the long term and who made the crisis by renegotiating contracts and including the employees into the business by offering them as benefits participation to the realized profits.

the Professional is the entrepreneur who makes his profession his business; he evolves, focuses on continuous training and professional development; in this category we find architects, lawyers, etc.

the Versatile adapts to changing business requirements depending on the context, he is jumping from stone to stone if there is trouble in a place he finds another that works just fine; he did not reduced his costs in crisis, but has reshaped his business identifying and exploiting new opportunities.

the Intuitive is often the entrepreneur born in crisis, following and monetizing new ideas, original, without a precise development strategy.

Beyond these categories, however, whether entrepreneurs or minipreneurs, these people make our economy work and generate value, we should recognize them and encourage them, take them as examples and support them.