My favorite iPad apps

I know it’s a trend to make all kinds of ranks, 10 things to do, 7 books to read, 15 people to follow, etc, but as I personally am not a fan of it, I choose to share with you my most used iPad apps, to have a feel of how they make my life easier.

The most used App is Evernote and I love it. Why? Well it is more than a text editor, I can track notes using tags, I can search the content I generated, I can acces it from everywhere, from my devices or online from any computer with internet connection, I can share easily my content and it’s just user friendly.

Another App I enjoy is Paper. It makes me feel creative, allows me to practice my scribble and has an easy way of sharing it. I use my scribble in trainings, coaching sessions, feedback sessions, in evaluation talks and although I enjoy the chalk pastels and classic, old paper, I love this app and I use it daily.

Simplemind is another useful App for me. As I like to put my ideas in mindmaps, this App is just the go to one for keeping track of my ideas, refining old ones or for collaborative brainstorming as it is also very easy to use.

So these are the most useful for me, as you can see I did not include the social ones, as these are just not so much work related, but there are also some Apps I use as resources and I recommend you to try: Infographics, Mind Tools, Unstuck, iTunes U or HBR Tips.

I hope you find useful this content and if you have some other useful or interesting iPad Apps that you use or just love, please share with us!