It’s been more than ten years since I dreamt of writing my own book. Now it’s happening! Why now? because it’s the right time. About what? well, since I no longer feel so creative to write fiction (ten years ago I wanted to write spy novels :D) I follow my purpose of touching lives, of inspiring people around me so I write about what I discovered that made my life richer and more beautiful.

And not just that, it will be a series of seven pocketbook, those beautiful little things that can bring smiles on your faces, light-up your days or offer you the right words in times of tough challenges.

“Joy” is the first ebook from the series that is going to bring you words you’ll love in time of tough challenges, will bring you sunny days when outside’s cloudy and will help you enrich your life in a realistic manner. It makes no promisses, but it brings you a commitment that little changes can make your life better and miracles can happen in the long run.

I hope you’ll be my support in bringing this project to life, so stay tuned for the release date!