Following dreams

Many friends asked me why did I choose to name ‘vocational’ the coaching I do and because there is a story behind it, I say it’s better to share it with you.

As many of you, I was for some years in a quest for finding my talent, that special, unique thing that makes me be the best. It was a complex process, that is not over yet, but as time goes by, I learn new things about me that clears more and more the path to making this discovery, what is my talent, my vocation. And during this process I had around me people who inspired me, who held my hand and encouraged me, I had role models and people from whom I learned what not to do and not to say. I also had time saved away for this process and lots of tools that helped me get better organised, get more clear perspectives and doze my effort efficiently while learning my lessons.

In my discoveries I learned that I love talking to people, while I was a recruiter, my favorite part of my job was the interview, learning people’s stories, listening about their journeys and their lessons learned and successes. So I made it my job to listen and to be an active part in people’s development.

This is my vocation, to be by your side on your journey to self discovery, to be your guide, to show you the map and help you choose the path to follow.