Dreaming my dreams

It’s been more than 6 years since I didn’t have a dream, nothing to excite me, nothing to make me want to get up early in the morning and make me forget to go to sleep in the night. I was’t even 30 and whenever I got to this thought of having dreams I always got this answer in my mind: I’ve got everything I want,  I do everything I can do … (and this made me very sad).

Since 2010 though I started making myself dreaming again, I thought: There must be something out-there that you are passionate about, you just need to discover it!!

And so, one day at a time, I started to thinking when was I most happy, what was I doing when time just seemed to fly away, what activity made me most satisfied? It was a long journey that is still not at an end; I discovered that I like talking to people, I like listening their stories and asking them questions  that generate meaningful answers to them, I like seeing new places, meeting new people, getting lost in the crowd and  just be one of the  many. I still cannot say that I have a passion that makes me move mountains, however, I started with smaller dreams: like having my own place and decorating it as I wanted, experimenting with colours and hand-made decorations; dreams like working independently or enriching my life with a pet, dreams like having people gather in my apartment and enjoying good times or going out dancing like I did in college. I guess I was looking for excitement and somehow I found the way back to a full life, to wanting to do things, to wanting to experiment things and make positive differences around me.

In this early January, I started looking for some new dreams and here is an interesting list I came up with by now:

  • learn to cook raw food
  • get more skilled in doing my illustrations
  • learn to master my new sewing machine
  • make two visits abroad each year

So what do you think I should add? What are your passions? your dreams for this year? If you hadn’t found some yet, join me in discovering!

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