My favorite iPad apps

I know it’s a trend to make all kinds of ranks, 10 things to do, 7 books to read, 15 people to follow, etc, but as I personally am not a fan of it, I choose to share with you my most used iPad apps, to have a feel of how they make my life easier.

The most used App is Evernote and I love it. Why? Well it is more than a text editor, I can track notes using tags, I can search the content I generated, I can acces it from everywhere, from my devices or online from

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Back to Creativity

As I was telling you last week, I find it useful to recap from time to time some recommended ways to stay creative. My first I shared with you was Listening to Music :)

Today is time for the my second choice, and this is: Walk in the rain whenever you have the chance! :)

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Find yourself a hobby

I spent a lot of time last year on Pinterest looking for inspiration and appreciating people’s creativity and willingness to share their ideas, knowledge, experience. This is how I got the idea of making last year’s Christmas gifts, handmade items for all my family and friends, and I have to tell you, this idea was a success, especially because I am not exactly handy when it comes to using my hands for creative stuff.

This entire experience made me realize lots of things about myself, about my limits, about my strengths and my so called weaknesses. I learned that I …

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Following dreams

Many friends asked me why did I choose to name ‘vocational’ the coaching I do and because there is a story behind it, I say it’s better to share it with you.

As many of you, I was for some years in a quest for finding my talent, that special, unique thing that makes me be the best. It was a complex process, that is not over yet, but as time goes by, I learn new things about me that clears more and more the path to making this discovery, what is my talent, my vocation. And during this process …

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I have found lots of lists like: “10 ways to be creative”, “29 ways to boost your creativity”, and many more and I enjoyed them all. Lots of those recommendation are so connected with the time I was a child that it was a real pleasure to be that child again. Singing in the shower, walking in the rain, writing letters or holidays postcards, these were all things from the past. What I discovered was the real, genuine pleasure from doing these things once more now as an adult; and yes, these and many more. So from those beautiful lists …

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Am găsit recent o mulțime de liste cum ar fi: “10 moduri de a fi creativ”, “29 moduri de a stimula creativitatea”, și multe altele și m-am bucurat de toate. Multe dintre acele recomandări au legătură cu timpul copilăriei și a fost surprinzător de plăcut să fiu din nou acel copil. Cântatul la duș, plimbatul prin ploaie, scrisorile sau cărțile poștale de sărbători, acestea erau toate lucruri din trecut pe care cumva le-am readus la viață. Ceea ce am descoperit a fost o reală plăcere, autentică, de a face aceste lucruri încă o dată ca  adult, și da, acestea și …

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A winning resume
7 points to a winning resume

It’s the beginning of a new year and because some of my friends looked at me for advice in changing their jobs this year, I find it useful to share with you some of the information I offered them.

One of my preferred approach in this kind of conversations is an info-graphic I discovered on Pinterest that presents 7 steps to a winning resume. It’s a good opening topic and a structured way of reviewing the contents of your resume. Another thing I like about this info-graphic is the fact that is not focused on what to include or …

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About you

I was focusing these past days on developing a brochure to introduce to you a new combination of services; and when I mean you,

– I refer to you the person, the employee, the entrepreneur, the student, you who are interested in your own personal development and are looking for the right tools for tham

– I also refer to you, the Reward or the Comp&Ben Manager, if you are looking for new opportunities in the market to differentiate yourself and be more appealing in recruiting talent, keeping people motivated or simply increase your retention rate

– And of course …

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