Despre comunități

M-am gandit mult in ultima vreme la comunitati.
Si apoi am citit aceste articol [En] al lui  Guy Kawasaki si am inceput sa ma intreb  daca ‘produsul’ poate fi mai mult decat un produs, daca poate fi un subiect, o industrie, cartierul tau sau o idee care iti trece prin minte. De ce te-ai deranja sa construiesti o comunitate? sau doar de ce te-ai alatura unei comunitati?

Ideea asta este oarecum noua pentru mine, insa sunt oameni care au dus lucrurile mai departe si au construit  pe aceasta idee si pe beneficiile pe care le poate aduce. Produsul lor este …

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“Mi-am învățat soțul limba română … [Ro]

… l-am promovat ca muzician, am facut impreuna o cariera, asta am facut ultimii patru ani”. Asta mi-a spus astazi o femeie cand am intrebat-o de ce are pauza in activitatea profesionala din CV de patru ani. Si e o explicatie frumoasa, valabila, una dintre alegerile pe care femeile le fac cu toate ca isi construiesc si propria cariera, si-o doresc, se pregatesc pentru asta, fac sacrificii, si apoi pun ‘pe pauza’ timp de cativa ani ca sa ii sprijine pe cei dragi, ca sa faca copii si sa ii creasca, ca sa invete, sa se specializeze, sa incerce o …

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doze de inspirație [Ro]

Intotdeauna am spus ca suntem mai mult decat ceea ce facem, ceea ce zicem, ce gandim, si ca da, prezentul este ceea ce conteaza, insa trecutul ne-a facut cei de azi. Despre 11even am aflat recent, cred ca mai putin de o luna, insa povestile pe care ei incep sa le scoata de la sertar si sa ni le serveasca ca antreuri pentru conferintele din 11 noiembrie m-au determinat sa iau mai in serios trecutul. O buna prietena mi-a spus de luni de zile ca acest blog ar putea sa spuna si povestea mea, nu doar sa spuna pareri despre …

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Who’s in for a coffee?

I like coffee, for the taste and for the idea of socialising that usually happens over coffee. For me coffee is like cookies for the Cookie Man in the story from The power of habits by Charles Duhigg. Behind the habit there is also the pleasure of savouring the aroma and the good conversations that come along. Other say that coffee also can boost creativity, what say you?

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It’s been more than ten years since I dreamt of writing my own book. Now it’s happening! Why now? because it’s the right time. About what? well, since I no longer feel so creative to write fiction (ten years ago I wanted to write spy novels :D) I follow my purpose of touching lives, of inspiring people around me so I write about what I discovered that made my life richer and more beautiful.

And not just that, it will be a series of seven pocketbook, those beautiful little things that can bring smiles on your faces, light-up your days …

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Do you have brilliant ideas?

Well, I know it’s February :) but this does not mean that you have to wait for the summer to start thinking on your next step in building your career. If you are a fresh grad or  thinking on expanding your knowledge or enriching your professional experience, I bet you already thought of an internship alternative for the summer, right?

Well, this is what we thought of including in this year’s program, so stay tuned to learn more about it!


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You are responsible!!

I attended last week an event at the Bucharest HUB addressing the trends to be expected in Romania in 2013. I must confess I did not have any expectations, however the invitees were interesting people with successful business and social backgrounds, so I said it would be a good time spent there, so I went. It was an event full of inspiration with mixed feelings and opinions, so I believe each of us had the opportunity to take from there exactly what he or she expected, however, it was one idea I loved most and that is that each of

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Stop planning!

If you didn’t see much of me lately on social sites it is because I am done planning, and not ‘done’ as in no more planning, because I believe in the added value a good plan can bring you; but ‘done’ as in finished planning and started implementing. How does it work? A bit bumpy but it shows great potential ahead. Coming back to the Creativity theme launched a few days ago, this is my Number 3:

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