AIESEC Sibiu | Aura Serea

HR & Learning Vice President

March 2003 – April 2004

My role was:
* To plan the department activity for 1 year (job analyze, job descriptions, evaluation of the members, the recruitment process, the induction period, preparation and development, rewards and recognition strategies)
* To implement all the processes and documentation needed
* To partner with the Board members for specific external projects and internal conferences
* To facilitate meetings and sessions

Local Trainers’ Team Coordinator

My role was:
* To evaluate the training needs and propose the strategies for individual development plans for the members
* To prepare and deliver trainings in the Local Committee and in preparation and planning conferences
* To facilitate meetings, sessions, trainings locally and at conferences
* To prepare the development plans for the trainers and for the Board members together with the President
* To evaluate the trainers

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