A winning resume

It’s the beginning of a new year and because some of my friends looked at me for advice in changing their jobs this year, I find it useful to share with you some of the information I offered them.

One of my preferred approach in this kind of conversations is an info-graphic I discovered on Pinterest that presents 7 steps to a winning resume. It’s a good opening topic and a structured way of reviewing the contents of your resume. Another thing I like about this info-graphic is the fact that is not focused on what to include or not in your resume, but on the mind-set you need to have in order to create a document with more impact.

One of the most common mistakes I saw in resumes along time was describing the responsibilities as stories, creating contexts where there was no need and boring the reader. A simple structure, with bullet points, outlining the necessary information on your professional background will make a better impression. Before allowing you to read the info-graphic and maybe take notes I would also like to emphasise the following: pay attention to what information you include in your resume, letter of intent, portfolio or other documents you use in applying for a new job; this information should not offer the context for discrimination and also all the information has to be accurate, precise and honest.

7 points to a winning resume

In closing this article, I share with you what I always tell my clients, a good resume or a coaching session on how to deal with an interview is not going to win you the job, but it’s valuable information for making a good first impression and a big step towards your dream job.

So, in this year’s beginning, take time and review your resume even if you are not looking to change jobs, update it and make it more relevant.

* On the info-graphic website you can also access a podcast ont he same topic