A story of organizational mission, vision, values

It’s been an interesting few days spent with a dear client in an Yearly Planning Conference. It was a new experience and I am so proud of them as it was a challenging process reaching this level. After seven years in the market as a young organization owned and ran by romanian entrepreneurs they are now in this special place of planning an ambitious growth for the coming years with their board of directors.

While working on the agenda for more than a month before this moment, we reached only now in the conference the need to address the ‘mission, vision and values’ subject before the actual planning.

As it was unexpected, it was also a big challenge to facilitate this session, but it was an amazing experience.

They always ran the business based on their own personal values and this was the first opportunity they had for sharing as a board their personal beliefs. Because they are a rather new team and always expanding, it was a reassuring thing to observe that 80% of their values were shared between them and  an active component of their day to day business behaviour.

After this alignment, all thigs fell into places and the objective setting was a clear and rationale activity done in no time.

What was also an interesting observation regarding the values they chose was that their beliefs were actually creating a flow, had a life of their own or more exact they were a representation of the individual life-cycles; in few words, they were telling a story, and this is:

Be true to yourself in everything you do, do only the things that create meaning, be curious and courageous in discovering the world around you, make others part in your discoveries and experiences, evolve and transform yourself continuously and appreciate what you have achieved together with others.

I enjoyed this process and I am happy I had the opportunity to be part of this reinvention.

As a facilitator and an outside party, I would dare to ask you, what story tells your organisation’s values?

mission, vision, values